New HFSP Early Career grant to study biofilm development

We recently had the good fortune of having a $1.25M collaborative grant with Boo Shan Tseng (UNLV, USA), John Whitney (McMaster, Canada), and Julien Bergeron (King's, UK) funded by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP).  Looking forward to working with these superstars!

HFSP press release

The tortoise and hare, played out within bacterial colonies

Congratulations to postdoc Oliver Meacock on his fantastic new paper on collective bacterial motility, which was recently published by Nature Physics.  

Massively-parallel cell tracking made easy

We recently released FAST, our machine learning based tracking software. At the link below you can download FAST and find extensive tutorials to help you get started.

Our group brings together ideas and tools from a wide variety of disciplines to explore fundamental questions in microbiology.  Our work incorporates microfluidic experiments, molecular biology, automated image analysis, evolutionary game theory, and fluid dynamics. The small-scale phenomena we study affect a broad range of important processes including human infection, harmful algal blooms, biogeochemical cycling, and the bioremediation of pollutants.